Recover like the San Francisco 49ers after a hard-fought win. Cryotherapy offers subzero cold treatment to support the anti-inflammatory response your body needs, following the toughest of workouts. It is designed so you can Train Like The Pros and is available at 49ers Fit. Cryotherapy benefits not only your body but also your mind, improving your overall wellness after you push yourself to the limit.

There are many cryotherapy treatments for athletes always on the grind. Exposure to extremely cold conditions following an intense session on the field or in the gym is where they see the most benefit. Cryotherapy at 49ers Fit exposes you to freezing yet therapeutic temperatures (below −100 °C) for two to three minutes.

During the process, you will stand in a cryotherapy machine for a full-body revitalization. With every hard hit or score during your workout, movement can cause muscle fatigue that requires pro recovery techniques. With restore cryotherapy treatment, physical pain may be reduced and recovery time from injuries or tiredness can often be less.


Cryotherapy can benefit your recovery after physical and mental strain. From healing sprains and reducing swelling, to relieving fatigue, you receive an athletic therapy solution that even those who battle on the gridiron use to recover.

  • Cryotherapy may help relieve muscles and joint pain
  • Limb Injuries recover faster with the use of cryotherapy
  • Inflammation, which can be an overactive immune system response, may be reduced with cryotherapy
  • The use of cryotherapy could support your weight loss goals
  • Cryotherapy is a source for positive mental health
  • Your general wellness may be improved using cryotherapy treatment


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